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Gold Mexican bonds, Venezuelan bonds, MTNís, Medium Term Notes, BGís, Pink Ladyís, White Doves, Orange 1899, Super Bonds, Mexican 1843 bonds, 1904 bonds. German Bonds, China Bonds. Buy and Sell Historical Mexican Bonds, LTNís, T-Bills, T-Strips and Government Bonds. We also buy and sell or Monetize Gems, Diamonds, Gold and Silver. Monetizingfund.com, monetizing fund, monetize, monetize bonds, buy and sell commercial paper. We sell silver bars and silver bullion.

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Super Angel Fund provides investment funds for Commercial Real Estate  projects and Venture Capital Investments Worldwide. Our firm is the Gatekeeper for several large private investment pools, Our  strategies can help you in obtaining funds through participation part of our Super Fund. We specialized in BGís, SBLCís, MTNís, CDís and Letter of Credit. If you have been turned down for financing by intuitional lenders,  or just tired of looking then please contact us.

We offer business owners, developers and investors the opportunity to participate in private equity programs tailored to meet the unique needs of our clients. Learn now how to raise capital by utilizing Private Banking Programs and how easy it is to fund your project by Leveraging Funds.


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